Monday, 17 June 2013

One Day the Sun Shall Rise Without Him

Madiba - A symbol of triumph over adversity
"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life." - Albert Camus

One day the sun shall rise without him. It shall shine as brilliantly as it always has, if not brighter. The wind shall blow calmly over the land, caressing the sun-kissed earth, ever so gently.

One day the trees will dance without him. They will sway gently as they have over the years. Bumble-bees will fly, the birds will sing, punctuating the air with sweet natural music.

One day, for him a tear will be shed, a dirge will be sung and a prayer will be said. Though he knows it will be so, he also knows that he won’t bear witness to it all.

When that day comes, he prays that his family will have the fortitude to go through life, in the knowledge that they were greatly loved and that they were never far away from his thoughts.

He would like his mother to know that he was not as saintly and as innocent as she thought he was. He would like his enemies to know that he was not as heartless as they though he was.

When that day comes, he hopes that his few and valued friends will see in his triumphs, what is possible. That in his tribulations, they will find lessons to learn, to keep and to cherish.

He would like  acquaintances to know that behind that smiley face, his was an imperfect life. He would like his confidant to know that there was more than the lonely figure that he cast.

When that day comes, he would like to believe that he took the road less travelled,  that he cared for those around him and that he cherished the little things that really mattered.

He would like to rest in the knowledge that he watched the sun rise in the morning, marvelled as it set in the evening, sometimes gazed  at the stars, dreaming, hoping and believing.

When that day comes, he would like to journey on, knowing that in life, he believed  that  somewhere, some place, was someone greater than him, who in essence - is everything.

He would like to know that as imperfect as the world was sometimes, it was just perfect enough. He would like the world to know that despite it all, he lived, he laughed and he truly loved!

Do you sometimes think about the endless pursuit of happiness  and just how much we miss out on what really matters, while pursuing what  in the end, turns out to be so trivial? What is your story? What has gotten you thinking lately? Would you do something differently, given the chance? We would certainly love to hear from you.
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