Sunday, 14 April 2013

To the Quiet and Unsung Heroes

Silent fortitude - 'It is at the intersection where fortitude and kindness meet that motherhood finds its greatest success'
Somewhere, in the pages of an old diary, are these words written by a woman I love and adore, a woman I respect and for whom I care so deeply about- my mother:

'We love you as your parents. Continue to work hard and remember God before you do anything. Take care of yourself. I wish you a happy life.'

In my earliest years, on a little black board, she taught me and my brother to read and write. She has been a good teacher, a good motivator and the rock of our family.

She is humble and humorous. She is full of energy and she works hard. She carries with her a big heart and a hearty laugh, the two things that best reflect her joie de vivre.

She has raised four amazing children and for who we are, for all the great values we share, we owe it to this amazing woman whom we all love so much. She may not be famous but to those of us who call her ‘mother,’ she is a star- that quiet hero who inspires us and who we admire and owe so much.

She has fought many fights and sacrificed a lot for us. She is the only person I know, besides my father, who would trade her happiness for us, her children.

My wish for her is that she will live long enough to see and celebrate those little milestones in the lives of her beautiful girl and three handsome boys. For all you have done for me and for us, words cannot possibly express our appreciation.   We wish you well and we love you so much! God bless you mum!

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