Tuesday, 21 August 2012

From hope and dreams, springs a future so bright

A few decades on, we grow older and wiser. As life unfolds, we find ourselves far away from our loved ones, separated from our friends and our families. Sometimes, we are confronted by a reality so harsh, we bear doubts about the future.

But somewhere in that future, dwells our dreams and hopes. Somewhere in that bubble of time are the great men and great women that we are destined to be, happy children we will raise and numerous people whose lives we are bound to change.

With little doubt, I say to you: it is in the unending hope and persistent dream that springs a future so bright. But by all means, as we embrace the future, let us also remember the past, for it is there that lies the little valuable lessons that we learnt.

It is there, in a past that seems so distant, that we made life-long friends. It is there, in those beautiful days gone by, that we made great childhood memories. It is there, in the glorious past that we lived, there that we laughed and there that we loved.

For our dear ones that have gone before us, we cherish their memories and are thankful for the time that we shared with them. Though gone before us, we draw strength from the words of the scriptures that we are sojourners, as were all our fathers.

To those still amongst us, endeavour to be happy, to share your happiness with others and to be a better son, a loyal friend and a hard worker. Pursue happiness but by all means embrace joy in your heart. Pray to God and by all means do what is right.

This life is kind, if you dare to hope and dare to dream. Live, laugh, love!!!

Yours truly,


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