Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Best Man's Speech; To Jam & Annie

When Jam asked me to be his best man, I was pleasantly surprised. You see, there are a lot of his friends and members of his family who could have fitted the role perfectly; a married and responsible older brother, scores of friends from work and college chums who are doing well for themselves.

Beautiful - With the groom and maid of honour
Anyone who knows him well, would be forgiven to think that the groom was improving my chances with the maid of honour - something that all members of my family and my close friends would have gladly applauded him for. The couple could possibly not have made a better choice for maid of honour. 

Talking about the couple's choices, it is especially delightful that they picked each other. They are two amazing people and it is a good thing to have been a part of their story. About a year ago, on February 14th, Jam proposed to Annie on a beautiful evening.

That evening, Jam had reserved a table for two, tucked at a quiet corner of  the terrace, overlooking a beautiful golf course. Somewhat averse to formality, (only twice in eight years, have I seen him in a suit - during his brother's wedding and on his own wedding day),  his plan was to pop the question rather discreetly.
Annie & Jam -  Beautiful and delightful couple

Instead of getting down on his knee and doing the whole drill,  he had requested the chef to assist. It was agreed that after the main course, the waiter would then serve dessert, comprising delightful chocolate pralines. In the middle of the plate, would be one chocolate in the shape of a golf ball. The ring would be placed beneath it and once lifted, would reveal the all-important jewel.

What everyone had not counted on, was Annie eating the main course to her fill. When dessert was served, she requested the waiter to pack up the pralines. She would eat them at home, she said. The waiter, who was also in the loop, would not pack them, even offering to pack others at no additional cost. Annie insisted she was full. She would hear none of it.

So the night wore on and the plate with the ring remained on the table, untouched. The waiter, without a doubt at the end of his wits, had long excused himself,  leaving poor Jam to sort himself out. Thus began what I think was the longest and most anxious part of his evening. 

Much later, more out of curiosity than anything else, would Annie pick up the chocolate with the ring. "You got Jokes, You got Jokes, You got Jokes..." is all she said. She must have been overwhelmed, for this is all I can remember her saying, before Jam, somewhat in a daze and unsure what to do himself, got to his knee and proposed.

Thus began the journey to their beautiful wedding that saw Jam wear a suit again, on a beautiful Saturday morning, surrounded by family and friends. To Mr. and Mrs. Maitethia, congratulations are in order on your nuptials. I wish you a happy marriage life ahead.  It has been a pleasure to have known you. Start popping those kids, already!

The best man did such an 'amazing job,' he did not give this speech to the newly-weds.  It is never too late and I am absolutely sure that Jam does not fuss about it anyway.  Jam & Annie, God bless your marriage!!!
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