Thursday, 2 January 2014


Dear Friends, 

As you well know, a lot happens in a year and this year was no different. As expected, last year, there was the good, the bad and the ugly. Despite everything, there is a lot to be grateful for; good health, a loving family and a few good friends. 

For the people who were a part of our lives and who stood by us though it all, we say shukran. In your own small way, through moments of peace and tranquility and through moments of turbulence and uncertainty, you helped shape our journey. 

To the new acquaintances we made and to the old friends we bid farewell to, it is our pleasure to have known you. We also share in the happiness of our beloved who were united in holy matrimony and to those who welcomed new bundles of joy. 

We cherish the memories of those amongst us who we bid farewell to, over the last one year. It was neither easy to say good bye to those we dearly loved, nor to say fare thee well to those gone before us. You will always live in our hearts and minds. 

For that which we were able to accomplish in our duties and responsibilities, we are most grateful. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth the while. From mistakes we made and from challenges we encountered, we learnt very important lessons. 

Granted, there are things that we should have done that we did not do. There are dreams we did not pursue, opportunities we did not seize, promises we did not keep and good old and valued friends that we lost touch with. Such is the nature of life! 

There are also things that we shouldn’t have done that we did. We may have simply empathised for a complete stranger, stretched a helping hand to a brother in need or sacrificed for another, putting aside our own urgent and immediate needs. 

It is said that while life may not give you the party you had hoped for, you may as well enjoy the dance. In this regard, we are grateful for the little gifts that life gives us all; a warm embrace; a candid chat; a passionate sermon or a moving tale. 

We are equally grateful for other simple things that warmed our hearts; a leisurely walk; a lovely swim; a warm bath; a cold drink; a hearty laugh; a prayer answered; a request granted; a dream fulfilled. These small packets of joy were many. 

Going forth, we know not what the future portends. No matter what path life leads us to, always remember that in the theatre of life - no matter the script, regardless of the scene - do give a good account of yourself. Life is a beautiful place! 

Yours truly, 


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